b'Photo courtesy of Bayerof brown beads and cat eyes, and a goodcoli. Under our Bellaverde brand, weents, which the consumer is looking for. and stable stem to carry the heavy andhave launched varieties like Sibsey, whichBy nature, broccoli has already a high smooth head, without side shoots. is sweeter, crunchy, and has an appealinglevel of different glucosinolates, which uniform green colour.by regular consumption can help prevent ES: HOW IMPORTANT IS TASTEContinuing on taste, it is good todifferent cancers according to research IN BROCCOLI BREEDING? mention that we have also developed easeavailable today. So, this is another breed-MS:Taste is of less importance com- of floretting broccoli types to meet cus- ing target from the past years: to increase pared to quality traits such as shelf life.tomer preference. These varieties can bethe level of these glucosinolates and also However, the market for tender stemcompared with a traditional crown typeincrease the level of tasty components of broccoli is growing rapidly. Tender stemof broccoli, but differ by having separatebroccoli. It is not only the health aspects broccoli is much sweeter compared toflorets with longer stems, making it easierthat our breeders have in their focus, it is normal broccoli, but the product is alsoto cut and prepare. Florets and stemsalso the pleasure to eat broccoli.different. In normal broccoli, the inflo- have an attractive green colour, a milder rescence is consumed, whereas in tenderand sweeter taste, and crunchy bite. WeGP:The consumption of broccoli is stem broccoli, the stem and inflores- recently launched the Skytree varietyincreasing also because of its intrinsic cence are consumed, and the sweetnessand we have more ease of florettinghealthy nutritional characteristics, so an is mainly located in the stem tissue. Ourtypes in the pipeline.eye on this is aspect could be valuable, company is developing varieties for thisbut at this moment of our breeding pro-market. ES: BROCCOLI IS FAMOUSgram its a not a key factor.FOR SOME OF ITS HEALTH GP:Taste is important for consumers butCOMPONENTS, LIKEMS:No, we are not breeding for this in not enough important for them to selectGLUCORAPHANIN. DObroccoli.varieties yet. YOU BREED FOR SUCH COMPONENTS? ES: MORE AND MORE MB:Taste is an important topic, but whatJP:With health awareness and the aware- BROCCOLI VARIETIES ARE is a good taste? This varies by individuals,ness about what we are eating or whereENTERING THE MARKET THAT customers and regions. In the Brassicait comes from, another aspect of broccoliARE EASIER TO HARVEST, family, there are crops, like Brusselsarrived in the focus of breeding. Not onlyAND SOME EVEN FIT FOR sprouts, with a somewhat unique tastethat the accepted levels of residues ofMECHANICAL HARVEST. WHAT which is appreciated by certain con- agricultural chemicals are continuallyIS YOUR COMPANYS TAKE ON sumers, but other consumers prefer thedecreasing or are more and more absent,THIS BREEDING GOAL?milder and sweeter taste found in broc- it is also the content of healthy ingredi- MB:For us, there is no doubt that prod-24IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'