b'ments. This applies also to South East Asia, where through APSAa company who feel personally hurt in their value systems. we are working towards setting up an Asian equivalent of AIB,Frankly speaking, this ownership issue is a fundamental ques-which, will focus on IP awareness creation at large, and help com- tion, however, I have no precise answer at this stage.panies find ways to act against IP infringements.ES: AIB JUST STARTED ITS SEARCH FOR YOUR ES: AIB IS HANDLING INFRINGEMENTS IN THESUCCESSOR. WHAT PROFILE ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?VEGETABLE SECTOR. WHY IS THERE NO AIB FORCVK:Due to enforcement having taken a very prominent role in THE FIELD CROPS? our activities over the years, the management and coordination CVK:I can only guess, perhaps the large size of the breedingof investigational operations has become a significant activity. companies plays a role, and the large differentiation in dealingHere we work closely with law enforcement agencies. Therefore, with farm saved seeds. There are, of course, important similarwe are looking for someone with law enforcement background initiatives at national and regional level. Geslive in Spain andon IPR and, ideally with some affinity to our industry. Looking at Sicasov in France/Italy are examples. And, Breeders Trust forcrop protection companies, the profile we advertised gets close seed potatoes and grass seeds. In some countries, like the U.S.,to that of their product security staff.some field crop seed companies are managing their own inves-tigation and enforcement activities.ES: WHAT IS THE TIME LINE OF THESUCCESSION PLAN?ES: WHAT KIND OF ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TOCVK:The AIB Board realizes that transferring the helm at open SEED COMPANIES TO BRING DOWN THE AMOUNTsea is a careful process requiring some time. Key is to ensure OF INFRINGEMENT? that the momentum of the AIB activities is maintained. We CVK:Make IP policy a boardroom responsibility. A policy whathope to have my successor on board in early Autumn this year, IP to protect is one cornerstone, an enforcement policy is equallytaking over by 1 January 2020. Depending on the successors important, if not more important. Here, the key issue for anybackground I committed, if needed, to a part-time support role, company is that of ownership: who is responsible for search- thereafter, phasing out my activity in the course of 2020. ing IP infringements and acting against it? In most companies this ownership is not defined, unfortunately: it is not part of any system (no incentive), there is no personnel assigned (no-one responsible) and there is no budget (no means). In todays world action against IP infringements is only triggered whenhttp://www.aib-seeds.com/en/home direct financial damage has reached very significant levels (often too late!) or at the alert of a small number of employees within europeanseed DOWNLOAD THEEUROPEAN SEED MOBILE APP FOR FREE!Stay connected and engaged with all the latest news trending in the European seed industry.Sponsored by:Features: Easy click or swipe menu navigationCurrent stories at a glance iOS and Android mobile and tablet versionsEnlarged text for easy readingDOWNLOAD DOWNLOADFOR IPHONE FOR ANDROIDScan the code withScan the code with your mobile device toyour mobile device to download our app! download our app!EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 39'