b'TURF AND FORAGEAlfalfaQueen of Forage Crops KLAUS K. NIELSENChief Scientific Officer DLFWhen will turf irrigation be banned? TheHigher in protein content- and yieldthe fixated nitrogen release to the fol-irrigation possibilities are already lim- per ha lowing crops (progressively over three ited many places for community sportsNotwithstanding the observed negativeyears) makes alfalfa a great companion SEED APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES facilities and in public parks, due to localcorrelation between dry matter yieldinorganic farming.The Control of Chironomids in Rice Cultivation restrictions. The choice not to use pureand protein content in legume breeding,Its all about rootingground water for irrigation makes goodalfalfa breeders have managed to make sense. Consequently, we need to look intoprogress for both traits = Increased pro- The deep alfalfa roots are the explanation DOMINIQUE MARQUET-SAGET Seed Applied Technologies Leader Corteva solutions and alternative water sourcestein yield per ha and increased proteinof many of the superior traits of alfalfa. independent of steady precipitation. per feeding unit. Alfalfa protein yield perThe deep rooting ensures survival when Recycling Alfalfa is one of the fewha even surpasses that of soybean. water becomes scarce in the upper soil perennial (3-5 years) highly drought tol- layers and contributes to the persis-erance forage crops. When the going getsBreeding & seed technology havetency. Our company has increased focus tough for most forages under drought made alfalfa growth easier/profitable on roots and rooting via the root screen-alfalfa keeps going. 2018 brought strongMost alfalfa seeds are now proposeding facility RadiMax, where scientist can attention to crops, which keep producingpre-inoculated with nitrogen fixing bac- monitor and identify breeding lines with under drought alleviating the economicteria, ready for drilling without additionalthe highest rooting potential.impact of forage deficit. operations or costs. The harvest window, which is the optimum time for cuttingOpening new perspectivesExtending the growing zone foralfalfa, has been extended throughTogether with University researchers and alfalfa breeding for lodging tolerance. The extraother industrial partners, DLF is actively Plant breeding has increased focus ondays/week can make the difference. participating in projects aiming at isolat-protein content and yield in many spe- ing grass- and legume-based proteins for cies. Increased interest for homegrownA must for organic farming monogastric animals. The first results protein (autonomy), care about soil struc- Alfalfa can be sown with narrow roware very promising, showing both high ture and soil microbiome, warning signsspacing to increase competition withyields of extractable proteins as well as of more frequent summer drought, are allweeds or with wider row spacing forfiber pulp fractions with an even higher factors leading to more interest of alfalfaeasier mechanical weed control. Thefeed intake in dairy cows than tradition-outside the traditional growing areas. huge improvement in soil structure andally conserved forage.CONTENT MARKETINGHow Do I Get Started with Twitter? ZANA RELKEClient Services ManagerIssues InkWe are all aware of the impact socialHere are some tips on how to getEngage with your audience. If media has on todays world. It influencesstarted: someone mentions @you, @your business, our personal lives, but also opens the doorSet up a photo and bio. Your bioor @brand in a tweetdont forget to to business marketing. Social media isshould include who you are and what yourespond with a like, comment or retweet. valuable because you get to connect withtweet about. If you have SEO, name yourBuild relationships on positive experi-your customers, bring brand awareness,profile photo. Dont forget to include yourences.and increase sales. Twitter in particularwebsite link in your profile. Social media is not something that delivers outstanding results; consistencyUse #hashtags and @handles.should be solely utilized by one person is key when using this particular socialKeep it simple, and dont use more thanwithin a company. Ideally, the entire media platform. one hashtag. As per Small Businessorganization is involved with some facet HerearesomekeybenefitsofTrends, companies that use more thanof social media. Create a set of basic Twitter: one hashtag see a decline in engagement.guidelines and encourage participationBrand awareness Tag people in your posts to create addi- from your team. Its important to main- Boost engagement tional exposure to your tweet. tain a consistent voice and branding whenDrive website traffic Relevant content. Find people andit comes to Twitter. Businesses that useMonitor your brand reputation companies who contribute good content.Twitter as a marketing platform can Keep up with latest trends in yourIn turn, provide relevant content and con- improve customer service, communicate industry tribute to the conversation. What do youbetter with customers, increase traffic Get instant feedback from yourknow that others may benefit from? Targetto websites, and follow market trends customers your audience and grow your followers. closely.EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 47'