b'INDUSTRY NEWSTAILORED TO SEED PROFESSIONALS, INDUSTRY NEWS DELIVERS THE PEOPLE, RESEARCH, BUSINESS AND PRODUCT NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW. SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME. EMAIL US AT NEWS@ISSUESINK.COM.INDUSTRY NEWS Seed-X, whose unique AI and computer vision technology enriches A federal court in Kansas awarded to Oklahoma Genetics, Inc.seed performance, has won a 2019 Agfunder Innovation Award more than $3 million USD in damages for intentional infringe- for the Most Innovative International Startup Pre-Series A. The ment of the Plant Variety Protection Act. The judgment wasAgFunder Innovation Awards recognize the innovators and entre-against MK Farms and Dustin Kelley, also known as Dustinpreneurs driving the agri-food tech industry forward, nominated Sherwood. The defendants did not appeal the largest PVPA judg- by a committee of global agrifood tech investors and the winners ment in the United States. The Plant Variety Protection Act pro- peer-selected through over 5,000 industry votes.hibits unauthorized sales of seed including the Gallagher wheat variety developed by researchers at Oklahoma State University. This hessian-fly resistant variety is popular across much ofCorteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. announced that it has been recognized as a Manufacturing Leadership Awards winner for its outstanding achievement in Spinetoram Strain Improvement. The winning manufacturing technology has enabled the company to deliver more of the sus-tainable products derived from nature to customer farmers who are dealing with pest control.5380 Vivian St., Arvada, CO 80002 USA Syngenta researchers recently published a paper in Nature Biotechnology, an international science journal, detailing their discovery of a genome-editing technique called haploid induc-tion editing (HI-Edit) technology, which ultimately reduces the time it takes to develop commercial crop varieties. HI-Edit refers to the reproductive process of haploid induction (HI), which occurs naturally in wheat, corn, barley and tobacco, combined with a genome-editing technology such as CRISPR-Cas9. With HI-Edit, breeders can modify crops at various stages in the seeds research and development process without the substantial cost and time associated with introgression, the traditional method of transferring desirable genes from one crop variety into another, which can take up to seven years to fully complete.Indigo Agriculture and Anheuser-Busch have announced a Seeds of Open Pollinated Flowers partnership focused on sustainable rice production. Indigo has \x1f Seeds for Commercial Landscaping & Home Use committed to delivering 2.2 million bushels of Indigo Rice to Anheuser-Busch that is grown with specific environmental \x1f Seeds for Pollinator Conservation attributes. Growers contracting with Indigo to produce rice for \x1f Hundreds of Species in Stock Anheuser-Busch will reduce water and nitrogen used by 10 per \x1f Specialty Mixtures to Fit Every Need cent and achieve at least 10 per cent savings in greenhouse gas call: +1.303.431.7333|fax: +1.303.467.7886|email: sales@applewoodseed.com emissions compared to state benchmarks. This partnership is applewoodseed.com the first of-its-kind to offer growers an end-to-end solution that incentivizes the commercial production of sustainable rice. 52IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'