b'Another thing we have to keep anCause for concern are the phytosan- In terms of agriculture and the seed eye on is the trade between the UKitary issues. Depending on the progresssector, it is safe to say, that of all EU coun-and Ireland. The countries have aboutand atmosphere at the negotiations aftertries, Ireland is likely the most affected 10 to 20% of the varieties in common,Brexit, one could imagine that at someby Brexit, due to its climatological depending on the species. And we havepoint phytosanitary trade barriers areresemblance to the UK, and the absence always had a good trading relationshipcreated which are not based on actualof major breeding companies. Replacing with the UK, which was helpful in timesscientific evidence. Correcting such bar- UK varieties, with varieties bred in other of shortages or surpluses. Post-Brexit,riers with the necessary bureaucracy willEU countries is going to be difficult, and this will all become more difficult, astake a lot of time. Border controls couldbecause of the relatively small size of the there will not be immediate equivalenceprove to be a barrier to efficient trade,Irish seed market, it is not likely that seed for the various seed related regulationseven in a situation where equivalence iscompanies will be setting up more vari-between the UK and the EU. We expectagreed on certification and phytosanitaryety trials in Ireland. However, with our the process to recognize equivalence ofstandards, due to delays and paper work.preparations, we feel reasonably com-the UK system to take between 6 andOne way of minimising this is to becomefortable, although we fully realize that at 12 months. And until that happens seeda so called trusted trader giving the seedthe end of the day, we are going to lose cannot be traded across the border. So,trading company certain privileges whenout. There are no upsides, and potentially any seeds that were certified before theit comes to cross border trade. several downsides. 29th of March, are considered EU cer- In agriculture were very good at tified seeds, and can be traded in theadapting, so maybe we just need BrexitEditors Note: Roy Power is Chairman of entire EU. Seeds that have been certi- to happen and then deal with the variousthe Irish Plant Variety Development Office, fied in the UK after the 29th of March,challenges that arise. In a way the seedManaging Director of the company Seed are considered UK certified seeds, andsector is lucky that our products do not loseTechnology in Ballymountain, Ireland and cannot be trade to other countries intheir quality overnight. Traders of freshformer President of the Irish Seed Trade the EU. We realize this is a temporaryproduce and other perishables will haveAssociationmatter, and eventually equivalence isbigger challenges and most likely Brexit likely to be organized. will do more damage to their industries.EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 55'