b'Brewers of the Brasserie Artisanale de Grilly. Left to right: Fred Manson with a wheat beer, Clement Piazza with a coffee stout and Koos de Korte with an English Bitter.(Photo: Brasserie Artisanale de Grilly)offer a Pale Malt, made from Planet 2-row barley, and a Pilsneror rice) the high enzyme levels made all malt beers a little diffi-made from Amistar 6-row.cult. So nowadays the enzyme levels for barley destined for craft brewers are a little lower than what it used to be.GENETIC IMPROVEMENTSFor base malts, a high extract is important, and protein shouldWISH LISTbe around 9 to 10% of dry matter, but also a decent enzymaticLast month, we were in the UK visiting a brewery roadshow potential is important, says Edmonds. But, in addition to theorganised by our hop suppliers. There was a presentation by above, availability on the market is an important criterion too, asCrisp Maltings on the re-introduction of ancient barley varieties brewers like to use the same barley over a longer period of time.that were brought back to life from a few grains out of a seed Zanatta Machado indicates: Undoubtedly, the boost in craftbank, says De Korte. They showed the result of one of those and homebrewing in several countries has been increasing theprojects, the Cavalier malt from 1830, and even offered a beer demand for barley malts. This way, I hope that this scenario canbrewed with Cavalier. Craft brewers always look for new flavours stimulate more efforts on barley breeding with more investmentsand styles. These new flavours may very well come from old in research and variety development from existing and new com- varieties that have been forgotten. The interesting thing about panies. If that happens, its surely a matter of time to have betterrevitalising old varieties is that they may contain a resistance to and more productive barley varieties. specific diseases or pests that can be built into modern varie-Since the monks of Westvleteren have been brewing withties, thus reducing the need for pesticides. We would be highly the same types of barley malt for a long time, there is no wishinterested in trying old varieties with interesting flavour profiles to make any changes, says their spokesperson. He adds thatand a natural resistance to modern pests and diseases. in contrast, craft brewers with various and changing recipesBarley quality is always welcome, but of course price mat-would be more interested in changing the genetics of currentters, says Zanatta Machado. I wish I could have a good malt barley varieties. with a reasonable price. In this way, barley breeders have a lot to Modern malts are much better than older ones in the sensecontribute considering that one of the main focal points of barley of modification of the starch, says De Korte. They give a higherbreeding is yield. Adaptation of barley to different environments, yield in fermentable sugars even in single infusion mashes. Thesuch as tropical areas, is another point that I wish to make. he better-quality malts are a result of better malting technology,says. Let me give you one example: I live in Brazil and the barley but also of better barley varieties. These improvements haveproduction in Brazil is concentrated in the southern part of the been going on for quite some time, but Im convinced that thecountry. I think that a good barley variety that is well adapted demands of the craft brewers have played a role in furtherto the cerrado area, could be great for growers, so they would improvements, he adds. have one more crop option. And consumers would benefit from Edmonds has not seen the craft brewers influencing thecheaper and fresher malts, he says.barley breeders too much in the UK yet, but in the U.S. it has.Edmonds shares that in new barley varieties she would like Traditionally, the U.S. barley breeders bred for high enzymaticto see more extract and better colloidal/haze properties Oh, and potential as the brewers used a lot of corn/rice and that doesntcan you make it blue or green? she adds jokingly.have enzymes. With craft brewers only using malt (and no corn 12IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'