b'INSIDERSSEED APPLIED TECHNOLOGIESGetting Ready for the FutureSYLVAIN BEDEL European Program Leader for Insecticide, Nematicides, Biologicals and SATsCortevaEUROPEAN SEED: CAN YOU SHARE SOMEas soon as possible. It is critical for thesunflower and oilseed rape: Lumidapt. It is OF THE NEW PRODUCTS THAT YOUR COM- grower to get a new insecticide solutiona molecular level complex with humic and PANY HAS BEEN DEVELOPING? on this crop in order to replace one offulvic acid backbone and bonded nutrients.Two years ago, we launched Lumiposa forthe current standard products that will winter oilseed rape, which is the newestbe withdrawn from the market soon.EUROPEAN SEED: BUT HOW ARE THESE and broadest spectrum seed appliedLumiposa corn is the unique seed treat- PRODUCTS HELPING FARMERS AND insecticide, delivering visibly superiorment that gives an unrivalled cutwormSOCIETY?crop establishment. It reduces early-sea- control and consistent protection againstFirst, its an efficient and targeted use son insect feeding damage, improveswireworm up to V2 growth stage. As itsof active ingredients: lower quantities, vigour and protects yield potential. absorbed by the plant, it delivers morefrequency and chemical intensity per Last year, we obtained the firstreliable and longer lasting protection thanhectare of plant protection products registration of our new sunflower seedstandard treatments and ensures a morecompared to foliar applications allowing applied fungicide, Lumisena (based onuniform crop emergence, even in severebenefits for farmers and operators with oxathiapiprolin) in Ukraine and Serbia.conditions. reduced exposure to active substances. It is our cutting-edge seed treatment thatTo complete this portfolio, we areThen there are environmental bene-protects sunflower from day one, even inlaunching a new fungicide for corn,fits promoting sustainable agriculture the toughest conditions. With its uniqueLumiflex (based on ipconazole), recentlywith limiting the potential exposure to mode of action, Lumisena protects anyregistered in France and Romania. Its thenon-target organisms. Its a key tool in a hybrid seed against all existing downyflexible partner for corn disease controlsuccessful Integrated Pest Management mildew races and is proven to enableproviding number one efficacy againstProgram. The goal for the grower is to better crop establishment and strongerhead smut and excellent fusarium andprotect its plants from the start and seed seedlings. rhizoctonias protection. treatment enables a strong and healthy We are also focusing on corn andFinally, we are also developing a newcrop development and secures higher we plan to launch Lumiposa on this cropgrowth enhancer seed treatment for corn,yields and crop quality for farmers.CONTENT MARKETINGWhat the Flu Shot has in Common with BusinessMARC ZIENKIEWICZ EditorCreate by Issues InkLast week I found myselfas I doThe key takeaway is that when youworld and keeping up with technology.every year at the same timesittingmake it convenient for people to do some- If youve been putting off building an in a chair getting my flu shot. I get onething, they are more likely to go throughonline presence for your business due to every year because I know its the smartwith the activity. Promoting your prod- time constraints or the fact you have a thing to do in order to reduce my risk ofucts or services is the same. If you makesmall staff, know that you can start small. getting sick. it hard for people to do business with you,Building a simple Facebook page is easy I got my flu shot at a local phar- theyll pass you by altogether. and requires minimal maintenance. And macy, which makes it very convenient.The internet has made it easier thanonce you do it, you might find that you There was a time when you had to go toever for people to find out informationenjoy it enough to keep building it and a doctor or a scheduled clinic in order toabout you and get in touch with you. Immake it into something bigger.get it, which made it a bit of a hassle anda lot more likely to spend money withHaving a strong online presence is often discouraged people from getting itsomeone whose business has a prom- important. Just as people are more likely in the first place. inent online presence, especially onto get a flu shot if its made convenient In fact, stats show that people whoGoogle Maps and Facebook. Not onlyfor them, theyre more likely to view you live in places that allow pharmacistsdoes this make it more convenient foras someone worth doing business with if to give flu shots are more likely to beme to get operating hours and readthey can see youve put some thought into vaccinated than those who do not livereviews, it also shows me the owner ofbuilding your online image.in those areas. the business is engaged with the online 22IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'