b'GIANT VIEWSBY MAZALY AGUILARTHE WEIGHT OFEVIDENCE AND SCIENCEto our model of agriculture from the 50s will not ensure a prospering future for our rural areas.In the hearing with Commissioner-designate Wojciechowski, I raised theGenome editingissue of innovation and plant breeding.is a powerful new The answer given by Commissioner was extremely vague Im open to discuss. Itool that can assume that the Commission has a clear strategy to provide legal security to allhelp to achieve operators after the CJEU ruling on tar- some of our major geted mutagenesis, but it is probably reluctant to share it in order to avoidgoals in terms backfiring from anti science or green movements.of sustainability, Genome editing is a powerful new Mazaly Aguilar tool that can help to achieve some ofbiodiversity and our major goals in terms of sustainabil-I ity, biodiversity and food security. Thisfood security.am a newcomer, the new kid on the block, a pragmatic businesswomantechnique is easy to use, very precise and that is finding it hard to get used totargeted. A great example of how plant the European jargon and politics. I mustbreeding is using innovation and techno-admit that I do not feel as a traditionallogical progress to respond to the needs politician but rather as an entrepreneur,of our farming community.willing to be one of the strongest voicesThe Statement from the Group offarmers from innovating in rural areas. pro AGRI-innovation in the EuropeanChief Scientific Advisors stated thatInnovation needs a friendly environment. Parliament. the ruling of the Court of Justice canIf we only welcome innovation from out-In the last few weeks I followed thebe expected to have important conse- side Europe, EU institutions will not be hearings of commissioners designate,quences for European citizens, bothable to handle the frustration of our farm-Janusz Wojciechowski (Agriculture) andconsumers and farmers. and impact oning communityStella Kyriakides (Health). It has been ainternational trade and cooperation withThe debate around plant breeding very useful exercise to provide me withdeveloping countries. The Commissioninnovation will be present in upcoming a clear picture of the main challenges forshould urgently and carefully listen todiscussions in the European Parliament. agriculture, innovation and sustainabil- their scientists to avoid the lack of citi- With or without a legislative proposal ity. Nevertheless, the lack of concretezens trust on science. from the EU Commission, there is a ideas and actions on how to cope withIf we do not communicate about therobust need to raise awareness about the reductions of crop protection prod- benefits of technology and innovation,the evolution in plant breeding to meet ucts or how to unshackle plant-breedingour expectations and key concerns, thesocietal expectations. The debate will innovation in Europe after the CJEUEU farmers will sooner loose the author- be complex and lengthy, but I commit mutagenesis ruling is a wakeup call toisation to use safe products or technol- myself to prioritise the weight of evi-engage in the debate and not to miss theogies which are regularly used in otherdence and science as a key factor in the innovation train. parts of the world. decision-making process.Despite the growing importance ofCommon Agricultural Policy (CAP) sustainable production, a better use ofreform is one of my top priorities, but IMazaly Aguilar is a Spanish politician inputs and the threat of new pest and dis- cannot neglect what the regulation out- from the Vox political party, who was eases, I was astonished to realise duringside of CAP can do to support innovation.elected as a Member of the European the hearings that only a few MEPs calledYoung farmers potential is huge, but theyParliament in 2019. Aguilar is vice-pres-for more research and innovation. I wouldcomplain that bureaucracy is killing inno- ident of the EU Committee on Agriculture like my colleagues to understand thatvation. Our farmers have great ideas toand Rural Development (COMAGRI) only through innovation the so-calledenhance modern agriculture, but regula- for the European Conservatives and Green Deal will be possible. Going backtion, bureaucracy and complexity preventReformists Group (ECR).48IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'