b"LUIS ORTEGABREEDING PROJECT LEADERAT SYNGENTA Luis has a long and very productive career of more than 30 years in Syngenta, being one of the most innovative breeders, developing new concepts like Kumato and SweetGreen, breeding also highly successful products, like Torry, Dafnis, Daylos, Sahel, Dumas, Arawak, among many others. During 2019 Luis has finalized the development of Yoom, the new tomato innovation coming from the natural tomato breeding program focused on taste, health and nutrition. This innovative product has an exciting and distinctive purple skin, in a cocktail size format. Its perfect sweet-sour balance gives the unique last umami/savory taste sensation for consumers. Yoom won the Gold Award at the Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards 2020. SALVADOR PERAMO SOLANACEAE PRODUCT MANAGERAT SEMILLAS FIT, SPAINSalvador has been working at Semillas Fit for 32 years. Over the years, he has bred numerous new varieties in tomato, eggplant and pepper crops, many of which have been MARA LUMBRERAS DR. JEGOR MILADINOVI and are market leaders. In 2012 he began SPRING AND DURUM WHEAT BREEDERHEAD OF THE SOYBEAN DEPARTMENTa new phase as Global Product Manager ASSISTANT AT GROUPE LIMAGRAIN AT THE INSTITUTE OF FIELD ANDof Solanaceae and is currently Global IN SPAIN VEGETABLE CROPS, SERBIACoordinator of Peppers and Eggplants. As After studying agronomical engineering atJegor has been working as a soybeana breeder, Salvador's main achievement the University of Sevilla and SLU Universitybreeder for the past 27 years and haswas the development of the F1 variety of in Sweden, Maria worked for one yeardeveloped and co-developed 130 soybeaneggplant Cristal, which has been a market in the Genetics, Genomics and Breedingvarieties registered in Serbia and worldwide.leader for more than 20 years. This variety department in East Malling Research (UK),In 2019 he developed and co-developed fivewas a great innovation for being the first supporting different crops and projects assoybean varieties which were registered ineggplant that kept the bright dark colour the development of the genetic map of twoSerbia, and one soybean variety releasedthroughout the cycle. In addition, Cristal has parental lines of strawberry. In 2013, Marain the EU. Beside a high yield, and othergreat adaptability to different regions and joined the Limagrain Group working for theexcellent agronomic traits, these varietiesgrowing conditions and tolerates the cold Cereal R&D department as assistant breederare rich in proteins and are well suited forvery well, which makes it very suitable for and she has been recently promoted tohuman consumption. Regarding the increas- greenhouse cultivation without heating.Bread & Durum Wheat Breeder. In hering demand for hemp in recent years, in 2019 new role, Mara is implementing the latestJegor also applied for two new lines of hemp breeding methods to guarantee the flow offor registration in Serbia. Those lines have a new, improved and adapted varieties in linesignificantly improved chemical composition, with the need of the market. The breedingcompared to standard hemp varieties, with program, based in Crdoba, developsan especially favourable composition and varieties for all the Mediterranean area andcontent of cannabinoids.has become market leader for Spring and Durum Wheat.EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 17"