b'INSIDERSSEED APPLIED TECHNOLOGIESOn a Mission to Protect the Farmers InvestmentsTHIBAUT CHIROUZES Coordinator, Corn Seeds and Silage Inoculants PortfolioCorteva AgriscienceToday, when managing their crop, farm- ing elements: seed-applied fungicides,which affect plant establishment. By ers are exposed to a number of risksseed-applied insecticides, seed-appliedsystematically including seed applied linked to biotic and abiotic stresses.nutrition, seed-applied bird repellentsnutrition in our products offer, we also When a farmer invests in premium genet- and high-performance polymers toimprove the plants ability to manage such ics of our company, we believe it is ourensure ideal crop safety and plantability stresses early in the season.mission to ensure that we protect his orAt the end of the day our mission isIn fact, it is already the case during her investment with the best combinationto ensure customer success by deliver- the 2020 planting season. In many of seed applied technologies to maxi- ing as much of our corn seed yield poten- European countries, the package is mize chances that one seed becomestial as possible to the farmers combine.already available on corn, sunflower one plant. In a nutshell, this is the ideaBy protecting this yield potential withand oilseed rape and soybean is in our behind Lumigen: combining the mostLumigen, we give farmers the best chancefuture plans. Our 2020 launch plan is to advanced seed applied products availa- to realize the full potential of the seeddeliver our product offer to farmers on ble on the market using the latest seedthat they invest in. over 5 million ha. in Europe during this coating technology. With todays changing environmen- launch year.Because local conditions can vary,tal conditions, growers face additional this product is designed to specificallyrisks besides disease and insects. Abiotic incorporate those technologies thatstresses linked to environmental condi-are best suited to a growers uniquetions (temperature and moisture levels growing conditions. Hence, it can be afor example) have an increasing impact combination of any or all of the follow- on seed emergence and early vigour CORN, SORGHUM AND OILSEEDSDeveloping Soybean for Northern EuropeFRANOIS PAYBOUFranois Paybou, Euralis, Soybean Technical & Market ManagerEuralisEURALIS, the famous French cooperativedemands of Northern European countriesresearch stations all over Europefrom South West France, started soybean(Russia, Ukraine, Northern EU).Our 3 soybean breeding stations breeding in 1975 to be less dependentNow, EURALIS is harvesting the(Toulouse, Montpellier and Munich) from US proteins after the 1st oil crisisfruits of this strategic investment &managed by our 3 soybean breeders and and the embargo on soymeal from 1971.expertise with a very rich portfolio insupported by a cutting-edge molecular Since that time, EURALIS always contin- Group 000, as well. The number of varie- marking laboratory.ued to believe in soybean and developed aties registered doubled in the last 2 years Our very dense European R&D trials real expertise in research to become thepulled by the early 000 product leader:network. The challenges of our Research is n1 non-GMO soybean breeder in EuropeES COMANDOR, cultivable everywherenow to develop 0000/000 varieties to culti-with for example the n1 variety sold inin Europe, in Feed or Food and whichvate soybean even more North. Europe: ES MENTOR (00).is becoming the n1 variety sold withIn the countries where the com-The years 2012-2014 were strategic.ES MENTOR (00). New very promisingpany has been selling for a long time, Thanks to its soybean expertise & inter- 000 varieties are also coming like ESthe Euralis market share is very high national presence, EURALIS anticipatedCOMPOSITOR but also varieties very rich(50% in France, 40% in Hungary, 30% the very strong development of soybeanin proteins (45%) for the Food segment. Austria). Our challenge is to develop the surfaces in Ukraine and Russia, then inGroup 000 is now becoming a realsales to reach at least 30% market share the EU coming from a strong proteinforce for EURALIS which is offeringin all new countries in the next 5 years demand. At the same time, political deci- the most complete soybean portfolio incommented, Franois Paybou, Market sions & climatic changes were allowingEurope: from South to North, from WestDevelopment Manager. An ambitious a more Northern cultivation of soybean. to East and from Feed to Food. objective that should be achieved thanks EURALIS had decided to investThis strong development was possi- to the 000 genetics group. massively in 000/00 soybean breedingble thanks to: as soon as 2012 to answer the growing Our 12 multi crops subsidiaries & 20IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'