b'TURF AND FORAGEGreen Gold in Grass Proteins KLAUS K. NIELSENChief Scientific Officer DLFEach year EU imports more than 11erably comprise a selection of very early megaton soy protein from US and Southto very late material. During winter, when SEED APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES America, worth 3.8 Billion USD for itsthere are no fresh forages, refineries pig- and poultry production. Can this beshould extract protein from other sources On a Mission to Protect the Farmers Investments changed to a greener, local and yet just asForage-based proteinssuch as seaweed and starfish.economical home production? Second, new harvesting equipment THIBAUT CHIROUZES Coordinator, Corn Seeds and Silage Inoculants PortfolioCorteva Agriscience Thats a big and highly relevant ques- already today representand machines to handle the forage grass tion as EU is pushing its member statesat the refineries need to be developed so to implement any measure that can min- an attractive alternative forquality and extractability is not compro-imize agricultures greenhouse gas emis- organic meat producers. mised during harvest or transport to the sions. Extracting proteins from foragerefinery. This challenge will be addressed grasses and legumes is possible and itby farm machine manufacturers and does indeed represent a more climate-researchers who will test specialized and environmental solution, as grass andharvesting machines and pre-extraction legumes are perennial high yielding cropsFirst, the process should rely only ontreatments.in protein output and carbon sequestra- forage varieties with maximum proteinThird, by-products from the refinery tion. The catch, however, is to make it inyield. In this regard, DLF will head theneeds to be utilized more efficiently, and a profitable way.tests of more than 400 grass- and cloverresearcher will investigate how high-Preliminary calculations indicatevarieties in a major Danish researchvalue constituents, which has health that forage-based proteins already todayproject called GrassPro. The aim is topromoting effects can be retrieved from represent an attractive alternative forselect 50 varieties with the highest pro- residual fractions. There are even initi-organic meat producers, due to hightein yield- and quality. Selected varietiesatives to investigate how green proteins international prices on organic soy. Whenwill be also be measured for digestibil- can be used directly for human consump-it comes to conventional farming thereity to ensure that pulp from the refinerytion, as their amino acid composition are still a number of factors that needs toprocess is well-suited for silage- and/orseems to represent human needs quite be optimized before a convincing compe- biogas production. Outcome will allowwell. GrassPro includes four Danish uni-tition with imported soy can be realized.researchers and product managers toversities, one branch organization, as well Several of these factors are now beingformulate grass mixtures with maximumas a number of industrial stakeholders. It addressed in a number of Public Privateprotein yield for different soil types. Towill run over the next four years and is Partnership projects both at the national-ensure continuous operation of refineryby far the largest screening project for and at the EU-level.plants over the year mixtures should pref- forage-based proteins.CONTENT MARKETINGYou Need to Read This Now!MARC ZIENKIEWICZ EditorCreate by Issues InkDid that headline catch your attention?Postman published those words inerwise average photo can spice things up Good. Now bear with me. 1992, a couple of years before people beganand catch the eye.Information has become a form ofhearing about a new thing called the Web. Make sure your headline isnt self-ev-garbage, not only incapable of answeringHe had a good point. The longerident. Yes, innovation is important. the most fundamental human questionshumans are around for, the more informa- Technology is getting more advanced. but barely useful in providing coherenttion we create. It can indeed become over- People have concerns. Dont tell people direction to the solution of even mundanewhelming if you dont filter it, especiallysomething they already know. Tell them problems. when it comes to social media. WHAT innovations are needed. How is a The late media critic Neil PostmanThat filtering process means that itstechnology advancing? Why are people said that. He argued that as technologymore important than ever to know how toconcerned about that thing? In other advances, we become overwhelmed withget your content recognized. People scrollwords, make your content useful to them.an increasing amount of information. through their newsfeed quickly, and if whatMake your content special. Special We proceed under the assumptionyoure putting out there doesnt catch theirhow? Make it something people cant get that information is our friend, believingattention, they simply wont read it. So howanywhere else. That might sound hard to that cultures may suffer grievously from ado you capture that attention? accomplish, but its easier than you think. lack of information, which, of course, theyHere are a few strategies that work forYou are unique and have the ability to put do. It is only now beginning to be under- me. your own unique spin on the content you stood that cultures may also suffer griev- Use a provocative image. This is easierproduce. Think of what makes you special ously from information glut, informationthan it sounds. The image you chooseand put that into your content.without meaning, information withoutdoesnt have to be anything fancy. Even control mechanisms. putting a simple coloured filter on an oth-EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 21'