b'and contain outbreaks of this virus, which unfortunately has aincreased scientific support to Member States through a network high rate of mechanical transmission. The European Referenceof ERLs and through increased funding for plant health research.Laboratory (ERL) for Virology is working on a diagnostic methodPlant health has the potential to touch all of our lives, and for this disease to be adopted soon. the EC will be working throughout this year, on digital and other The global human health crisis caused by a coronavirus isplatforms, tonow making it necessary to cancel many of the events planned demonstrate the importance of plant health to citizens;by the EU and Member States to mark the IYPH. Nevertheless,show citizens the role they can play to protect plants by the EC still plans to use the IYPH to raise public and politicalsimple actions such as not importing plants into the EU awareness at local, national and European levels about the impor- without phytosanitary certificates; andtance of plant health and the EU rules in place to protect plants. work with to organisations such as Euroseeds who are Dialogue and stakeholder involvement in plant health willactive on plant health to share knowledge and best prac-be key to our activities, culminating in a big awareness-raisingtice. campaign on TV in the summer and a side-event at the OctoberBecause protecting plants is protecting lives.Helsinki plant health conference.Furthermore, goals of IYPH include strengthening capacityRosalinda Scalia PhD, Plant health officer, European development activities in plant health disciplines. The EU hasCommissionFor more information, see:https://ec.europa.eu/food/plant/plant_health_biosecurity/legislation/new_eu_rules_en https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/international-year-plant-health Register now for edition 2020!Seed meets Technology is an event about innovative (seed) technology, varieties breeding and adding value to horticultural seed. Incotec, Seed Processing Holland, TeaL Agrotechnologies and Proeftuin Zwaagdijk are organizing the seventh edition of the event in September 2020. Besides a trade fair, there are demonstration fields with new varieties and crops grown on water. In addition, various symposiums are being organized. Interested in participation? Contact us now!Zwaagdijk - The Netherlandswww.seedmeetstechnology.com info @ seedmeetstechnology.comEUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 29'