b'Jose Marcelo Caro Tobar, station manager for Rijk Zwaan in ChileSo many possibilities aheadAfter studying agronomics in Santiago, I returned to the village where Id been raised and still felt at home. I started working at Rijk Zwaan, and just two years later I was asked to become station manager. It was a tough decision for me because I knew I had to move away from my village. But inthe end I went for it, and Im glad I did. Ive been able to strongly develop personally and thecombination of working with plants and people is perfect for me. When I look back on my time atRijk Zwaan, I feel really thankful for the steps that Ive been able to takeand Im still only 31 years old and see so many possibilities ahead of me! Sharing ambitionsJose Marcelo Caro Tobar seizes theopportunities that come by and thus keeps on developing. Rijk Zwaan a worldwide player in vegetable breedingshares this approach. We are working together towards a healthy future. Learn more at rijkzwaan.comRZN-adv-hillenraad-240x340mm-wt2-190708.indd 2 08/07/2019 20:55'