b'sink potential could be used for offsetting emissions during the green transition. Hemp can dramaticallyMoreover, while maximizing land use, hemp offers farmerscontribute to the decarbonization a valuable and versatile raw material and an additional income. Hemp value chains need a local network of operators, capable ofof essential products and help providing the biomass and first processing, globally connected to a community of technology and knowledge. This means thatindustry and agriculture attain there is a real chance for fixing value in the rural communities and boost the creation of new and innovative value chains. the Green Deal objectives. As the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), we are working with stakeholders to change a set of outdated norms, At international level, we are also expecting major changes mirroring the wrong image hemp gained in the last 50 years. Ourthat will definitively help hemp surge at the place it deserves. first and foremost goal is to make sure the legislative frameworkThe World Health Organization formally suggested the United allows for the whole plant to be harvested and used, from theNations to redefine the status of cannabis in the 1961 Single roots to the flowers. This would allow operators to reinvest theConvention on Narcotic Drugs.income from CBD extraction into the valorization of the stalks Further challenges lie ahead, but we are very positive and and the achievement of a perfect circular, zero-waste and thriv- confident in a more sustainable future where hemp will definitely ing hemp economy. play a major role. The #hemprevolution is just around the corner. Among other major positive changes, we expect the European Parliament to ratify the re-establishment of the THCEditors Note: Francesco Mirizzi is Senior Policy Advisor at level on the field at 0.3%, a request highly demanded by hempEuropean Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA). https://www.farmers, transformers and traders. This would allow new vari- linkedin.com/in/francesco-mirizzi-65a25847/eties to be allowed on the market and give further impetus to the spread of hemp culture and breeding. A more liberal legis-lative framework for the new breeding techniques will eventu- For more information on EIHA, check our Hemp ally be the cherry on the cake. The expertise and know-how ofManifesto in 6 languages on eiha.org and reach 4 TOP SEED European hemp breeders will be key to ensure that the seedout to us on social media (Instagram, Twitter and offer meets the growers demand. Linkedin).SOLUTIONSFOR YOUSince 1980 weve been passionate creators of high-performance agricultural seed.Our expert seed developers are dedicated to always producing highest quality seed options with your on-farm challenges in mind.Get in touch today to learn more about how our ever-growing range of premium seed can work for you to achieve bigger returns on your farm,this season and every season.1 2 3 4SUNFLOWER GRAIN & ALFALFA CLOVERS & High yield &FORAGE SORGHUM Premium highGRASSEShigh oleic oilLatest qualityprotein stockfeedPremium high germplasm, fast-growing protein stockfeed feed for herdsernsttopitschnig@swseedco.com Q369_ESM_2020Ernst Topitschnig Phone +43 664 111 42 99EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 11'