b'Hemp, by producing 4 times the raw material than trees,mitigates deforestation.ing includes genetics of different traits,WE IMPROVE THIS? what extent the two crops will be similar genetic diversity, breeding strategies, typeRG:There are several factors that con- in terms of certification requirements. of varieties, etc. Production of hemp seedtribute to that. Hemp is a dioeciousAlthough biologically identical, canna-includes many aspects on reproductivecrop, exhibiting a strong inbreedingbis will not have the range of utility and biology with special emphasis on produc- depression. These factors prevent therequire scalable reproduction such as in tion of feminized hemp seed. development of very pure line varieties.industrial hemp.Traditional hemp grain and fiber varieties ES: WITH CANNABIS BEINGare population varieties. ES: INDUSTRIAL HEMP PRODUCES A DIOECIOUS CROP, IS THEIn addition, there was a strong4 TIMES THE RAW MATERIAL BREEDING ANY DIFFERENT FROMdemand for feminized seed of CBD hemp.THAN TREES FOR PAPER MAKING OTHER CROPS? In absence of a regulatory framework, itAND CAN HAVE 1-3 CYCLES PER RG:One can say that the basic prin- allowed sales without respect to stand- SEASON. COULD HEMP PAPER ciples are the same for all crops. Theards that normally applied to seed. TheMITIGATE DEFORESTATION?breeding strategies are greatly affectedbreeding history of this type of hemp isRG:Absolutely. And not only paper. Hemp by the reproductive system and objec- very short. I would like to underline thatbast fiber shows potential to be a renew-tives. Spinach is a major crop which isthere is no technical barrier to better uni- able source for many industrial materials dioecious. Hemp is unique with severalformity in hemp. It will take little bit ofused in construction, manufacturing, etc.reproductive options, i.e. dioeciousness,time with a combination of competition clonal propagation, production of fem- and regulation. We are already seeingES: HOW SUSTAINABLE IS HEMP inized seed, or combinations of these.improvements. PRODUCTION? Hemp breeders have many opportunitiesRG:The pesticide use is very low. As a and challenges. ES: THE CERTIFICATION SYSTEMnew crop, it has few challenges in terms FOR INDUSTRIAL HEMP IS MOREof pests and insects, but also few pesti-ES: CANNABIS STRAINSADVANCED. CAN THE CANNABIScides options. Nutrient use efficiency is AND PRODUCTS CURRENTLYINDUSTRY LEARN FROM THEgreat, uptake is not excessive, like high AVAILABLE TO CONSUMERS AREEXPERIENCES IN INDUSTRIALyielding wheat. Organic production is QUESTIONABLE IN TERMS OFHEMP? common and in demand especially in THEIR GENETIC PURITY. HOW CANRG:For sure! However, it is hard to say tograin and medicinal hemp.14IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'