b'SPONSORED CONTENTQ: WHAT DO YOU HOPE TOQ: ARE YOU ABLE TO LIFTtial of their sunflower crop with a favour-ACHIEVE WHILE IN EUROPE? THE VEIL A BIT ON SOME KEYable environmental profile. Ympact, our I feel very honoured to come back toINNOVATIONS THAT ARE IN YOURpre-launch on growth nutrition seed Europe in the position as MarketingSAT PORTFOLIO?treatment for cereals, is based on a sci-Leader to serve our customers with theIn 2020, over five million hectares of hybridentifically proven and patented nutri-strongest portfolio of products possi- crops have been planted with our brand- ent technology that naturally improves ble and drive the sustainable growth ofnew growth nutrition seed treatmentplants physiology, reduces stress and farming operations over the long-term.LUMIDAPT, a new type of organic min- improves yield and crop quality. Our We have the right portfolio and theeral fertilizer engineered to enhance plantsinnovative nitrogen stabilizers N-Lock right organization and teams to delivermetabolic activity, physiology, and stresswith Optinyte technology ensure on this commitment of supporting ourendurance in a proactive manner. Thisnitrogen gets to the plants root zonecustomers and provide farmers with theseason, in several fields affected by unu- not the air or waterand help keep tools they need to keep growing, whilesual very cold spring (early frost), it wasit there. We opened access to CRISPR-addressing continuously evolving con- easier to observe that plants treated withCas gene-editing technology to help sumer needs. our product were germinating faster andresearchers find ways to grow food that recovering quicker from the stress versusis better for people and the environment.Q: SEED APPLIED TECHNOLOGIESthe untreated ones. Our goal for 2021 is to (SAT) IS A MAJOR BUSINESSreach over 10 million hectares with thisQ: LETS SWITCH GEARS A BIT PILLAR FOR CORTEVA IN EUROPE.solution and bring to the market a newTOWARDS THE SEED SIDE. WHAT WHAT TRIGGERED YOURstandard for hybrid crop establishment. ARE SOME OF THE EXCITING SEED COMPANY TO INVEST IN SAT?PIPELINE INNOVATIONS FOR THE We can say that seed treatment is theQ: CORTEVA IS FOCUSING HEAVILYNEXT SEASON? newest segment of plant protectionON SUSTAINABILITY. WHY IS THAT? I am very excited about our seed inno-products and it is also an area that isFarmers face a growing set of challenges.vation. For corn, we will continue to growing strongly. Corteva AgriscienceAs a leader in agricultural innovation, webring very strong and competitive genet-is an active part of the evolution of theare committed to working with farmersics along with some of the key native seed treatment to a more professional,and others in agriculture to protect andtraits including the already mentioned modern and sustainable business. Ourpreserve the source of our food and helpOptimum AQUAmax corn varieties. For commitment is to deliver more innova- our agriculture communities thrive. Wesunflower, we are expanding our disease tive solutions by discovering, developingwork with farmers to promote sustaina- tolerant Pioneer Protector product line, and providing advanced seed appliedble practices and promote the adoptionwe are strengthening our new, improved technologies. Corteva has first-handand recognition of the work farmers areoffering for the healthy oil markets along knowledge of farmers practices anddoing. Our recently announced Enrichingwith strong and well adapted genetics for needs through its vast seeds network,Lives Together Sustainability Strategy isthe European growing conditions. While with more than 90 years and over a bil- our public commitment to advance sus- in the case of oilseed rape, we are coming lion units of seeds treated. Along withtainability for farmers, for the land, in ourwith new solutions in the disease tolerant that, comes the superior science of glob- communities and in our operations. Wesegment too. ally renowned heritage crop protectionare formally activating our commitment companies on research & development,through 14 sustainability goals that spanQ: IN THE TIMES OF THIS COVID-19 which adds more than crop protectionacross the globe and across our entirePANDEMIC IT IS NOT EASY TO KEEP chemical experience and takes it to thebusiness. They quantify and track ourGOOD CONTACTS WITH YOUR level of seed treatments including biolog- work to increase the resilience of ourCUSTOMERS, THE FARMERS. HOW icals, polymers, inoculants and services. global food system over the next 10 years.DO YOU STAY IN TOUCH WITH THEM? Q: I UNDERSTAND SAT HASQ: WHICH ARE SOME OF THEOur approach during the pandemic has SEVERAL BENEFITS. WHAT WOULDPRODUCTS WHERE YOU SEE MUCHbeen based on three key pillars: ensur-YOU SAY ARE THE MAJOR ONES?OF THOSE SUSTAINABILITY GOALSing our employees are safe, supporting One of the key benefits is definitelyIN PRACTICE?our customers and reaching out to com-related to sustainability. Did you knowOur seeds and crop protection prod- munities in need. Because agriculture that foliar or in furrow application canucts help to increase yield and produc- was named an essential industry by use up to 10 times higher amounts oftivity. We sell Optimum AQUAmaxmost European countries, our teams active ingredient than seed treatment?corn varieties in Europe. These cornhave been able to provide farmers with The benefits go further. Besides provid- varieties deliver a yield advantage inthe seeds, crop protection products ing cost savings to farmers comparedwater-limited environments and top- and services upon which they rely. with broader foliar pesticides applica- end yield potential under optimal grow- Following governmental and company tions, seed treatment helps to improveing conditions. The rapid moisture losssafety guidelines, dedicated Corteva the ability of the seeds to fight againstof our varieties allows farmers to reducerepresentatives have continued visiting external abiotic and biotic stresses andthe costs of the non-renewable naturalfarms and reporting back to growers on moreover, promotes foster seedlingresources like gas for drying grain inconditions, maintaining a closeness with establishment and early plant growth. Itthe fall. Lumiposa, the first non-ne- our customers despite the necessary is very effective against a broader rangeonic seed treatment for oilseed rape andsocial distancing measures. We have of plant parasites and, with a more tar- other crops resolves an urgent problemseen impressive innovation with webi-geted protection, it is already effectiveof oilseed rape growers and ensuresnars, virtual field tours and online Q&As with a small amount of product wellcontinued production of European oil.taking place to ensure we continue to applied, providing extended protectionLumisena, our newest technology forprovide customers with the unrivalled during the most important stage of plantdowny mildew control, is designed toservice to which they have become development. help growers to maximize the full poten- accustomed.EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 17'