b'TABLE OF CONTENTS SEPTEMBER 2020europeanseedFEATURESHigh Expectations 06Hemp is Coming Back, For (The) Good .10Need An Alternative for Paper, Textile and Plastic? 12Corteva: Increasing the Resilience of the Global Food System.16Provisional Protection not as Strong as Previously Thought 18A Saga History of Interpretations .22EU Must Stop French Interpretation of Mutagenesis 24Changing Rules for Seed Breeding Products Destroys Legal Certainty 28A Balanced Framework of IP Protection for Plant Related Innovations 34Celebrating 25 Years of CPVO: Part 2 .36Understanding the Long-Term Impact of Human Actions .40Organic Agriculture in Europe: Part 1 .44Agriculture and the Seed Industry of the Republic of Serbia .5018 34DEPARTMENTSEditors Message .04INSIDERSAdvice From Industry Experts 30Column: Since You Asked .33Column: The Risk Corner 48Column: Sense, Nonsense and Science55Global Seed Watch 56Regulatory News 58Industry News 60Extras 6206 Giant Views.64EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 1'