b"INSIDERSCONTENT MARKETINGHow You Talk to Your Audience AIDEN BROOKMarketingSeed World CREATEMarketing is how you talk to your audi- the right audience, how can your brandA successful digital presence makes ence while the brand you create deter- grow or convert leads into sales? it easy for your audience to buy from mines how or if your audience talksMarketing generates leads, salesyou. The way we have seen organizations about you. If your marketing strategiesconvert those leads, and successfulgenerate this seamless path is by defining are successful, how you talk to yourbranding turns clients into advocates. three core components.audience and how they talk about youYour digital presence can be broken Audiencewill be synonymous. down several diverse ways. The way I MessageYou can ensure your brand is in linelike to think about it is that your web-Channelwith your marketing by asking your con- site is the backbone, the component thatOnce you define your audience, you sumers if the answer you get does notneeds to be the strongest. A backbonecan tailor your message and broadcast on match up, what could be missing? without muscles, tendons and tissuethe digital channels your audience trusts.In the current market, one of theproviding stability will snapyourIf you build your digital presence best ways to reach your audience iswebsite works in a similar way. Yourfocused on the marketing mantra of through digital mediums. Your com- website's strength is supported by con- AUDIENCE, MESSAGE and CHANNEL, panys digital presence is one of thetent, paid advertising, social media andyour team will have a clear path to deliv-main ways your consumers hear youremail marketing guiding your audienceering quality content and consistent message. If your digital presence is notto take the next step toward workingmarketing, making it easier for your con-sending the right message or reachingwith you. sumers to make a purchase decision.SEED APPLIED TECHNOLOGIESEuroseeds 2021Here we GROW Again!GONZALO ALMEIDAEMEA Commercial Data Privacy and Product Support ExpertCortevaLast year I wrote about how we weretreats that will make it a fun and outstand- Treatment for Corn and Lumidapt + unable to meet in person due to the pan- ing experience, and let me tell you why Lumisena Fungicide Seed Treatment for demic that still affects us all. Just before you enter the exhibitionsunflower.The world had shut down and wehall you will start seeing Cortevas mas- While you play and victoriously con-were all virtually meeting, sitting at homesive presence with a Globe that containsquer the different stages, you will watch in front of our computers, dealing withan Augmented Reality game. Here youshort animation movies that show how the daily challenges of digital transfor- will have a fun and engaging experienceYmpact helps cereals grow strong roots mation. We all heard the jokes about thethat will allow you to learn what Cortevaand stems and cope with early-stage most spoken words online: Can you hearis doing from a sustainability standpoint -stress, and how Lumiposa will help your me?, Youre on mute, I need to jump toDont miss the journey! corn seeds and seedlings keep those wire-another call, the list goes on As you enter the hall you will seeworms and cutworms at bay. Well, things seem to be changing!Cortevas booth on the right side. Im sureYou will have this and much more, Live events with audiences have returned.that the first thing you will notice is thebut most importantly we will be able One of those events is Euroseeds 2021 ingreen carpet and the 3 holes on the floorto MEET you in person and shake your Prague, and yes, Corteva will be there,minigolf you say? Well yes, and why not?hand, or bump elbows or just look each with its full SAT Team, as the proud plat- Come and play and test your skills whileother in the eyes and say hello and inum sponsor. winning nice prizes in the process. In theengage in a nice f2f conversation, and Now, we always announce our actionsmeantime, you will also learn the bene- trust me when I say that all of us at the and our presence as something special,fits of four of our great products: YmpactSAT team sure miss thoseand lets be honest, its always a pleasureGrowth Nutrition Seed Treatment forWe are really looking forward to and a special moment to meet with ourcereals, Lumidapt Growth Nutrition Seedseeing you there!partners. But this year, we have a fewTreatment + Lumiposa Insecticide Seed 22IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM"