b"TURF AND FORAGEGrass Protein Concentrate - Pork, Chicken, Egg ProductionCHRISTIAN S. JENSENHead of BiotechDLFImagine you could replace soymeal withmaterial for a production aiming at 7,000to fit with organic fertilizer management. homegrown grass protein. That wouldtons organic protein per year. The organicAlfalfa in pure stand is included in the probably save some precious rainforestprotein segment is currently the sweetscheme to fill out any gaps, which may and also bunker-fuel getting exhaustedspot for grass refinery as the commodityarise between the regular four-five cuts.from the transport ships crossing theprices on organic soymeal are very high.Protein concentrate is not the only Atlantic. Until recently that vision wasBut with increasing demands on lowerproduct coming out of the refinery. Grass nothing more than some lab experiments,climate footprints and with a refinerypulp is one fraction that previously was fresh grass, fancy juicers, and a pile ofprocess that is still getting more efficient,shown to have even better forage qual-science reports. grass proteins may offer a competitiveity than non-processed grass. However, Now that vision is just about toalternative even to conventional soymealbecause the protein extraction efficiency become reality. As of May 2021, BioRefine,in the future. is now approaching 90 percent, there is what may be the worlds largest grassThe process requires a firm harvest- almost nothing left but pure fiber in the refinery turned the engines on for com- ing schedule in which freshly cut foragepulp. With relatively few modifications, mercial production of grass-based pro- needs to be processed within four-sixsuch materiel can be tailored for next teins for monogastric animals. Soon thehours. Both protein quantity- and qual- generation textiles, cardboard, growth products will hit the distributors shelf.ity are highly dependent upon conditionsmedia, or climate-neutral insulation The company is jointly owned bywhere the grass does not dehydrate ormaterial. The last fraction, brown juice, two wholesale companies; DLG andwarm up. At the same time, it is equallyis used for energy production in a nearby Danish Agro, and a seed company: DLF.important to have a steady intake oforganic biogas plant. It is strategically placed in an area withmaterial over the entire growth season.Whats more to wish for? Perhaps a a high density of organic farmers. MoreThe solution is to utilize clover-grassgrass-based human protein food source than 6000 ha of organic forage fields aremixtures containing varieties selectedbypassing any animal production with placed less than 10 km from the refinery,for high protein content, a broad headinga zero-emission profile. It may be here which should secure sufficient sourcewindow, and either white- or red cloverbefore you know it.SEED APPLIED TECHNOLOGIESEuroseeds 2021Here we GROW Again! CORN, SORGHUM AND OILSEEDSGONZALO ALMEIDAEMEA Commercial Data Privacy and Product Support ExpertCorteva Two Amazing Innovations to Help the Corn Growers VINCENT LUXI Late Corn Market ManagerLideaFor several years, farmers have con- insects and birds at the beginning of theearly stages of corn growth. In this way, fronted with difficult weather conditionscycle, very often have a big impact onwe are boosting emergence.during key periods of corn cropping. Onethe number of plants per hectare. ManyThen there is the biostimulant mode period in particular needs special atten- farmers in Europe know that a good per- of action. This was added to the mix to tion: flowering. For this key stage LIDEAformance in this critical stage could havesupport the development of the plant. innovates with HI CORN. Its a combina- an impact on the success of the crop. ItThrough a better root development, the tion of two hybrids with complementaryis the first component of yield! Our newseedling is better able to use the mineral precocity to increase the number of daysproduct BOOST & GO is an association ofelements that are available in the soil.for pollination and thus reduce the risk offour cumulative action modes, operatingAnd last but not least, we are apply-hot weather affecting the viability of theat different times to preserve the geneticing a very specific coating. This new pollen. The big advantage for the farmerspotential during early stages.approach provides a better repartition of is that with more pollen, we are able toThe first mode is crop protection,the products around the seeds, and pro-guarantee a better fertilisation. And thiswhere we want to help the plant againstvides more security for the user because means more grain per hectare and as athe main pests. Weve included Redigoof a better dust control result, more yield per hectare.against fungi, Poncho against insects, andThese two innovations, HI CORN and But it is not just at flowering whereKorit against birds. BOOST & GO are solutions that can be we need to protect the plant. AnotherThe second mode of action is relatedadapted to the needs of farmers in order sensitive period for maize cultivation isto a proper provision of the right nutri- to improve the farmers' profitability the emergence of the seedling. Difficultents. In BOOST & GO, we have added aduring their corn production.conditions, cold, rain, and pests, likecombination of essential nutrients for the EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 23"