b'ADJUSTING TO CHANGE HOW THE BSPB IS ENTERING A NEW ERA. W hilst 2020 brought great uncertainty andplant breeders are working to help feed the grow-provided few answers, 2021 has offereding population. the opportunity for a renaissance. TheThe new website has been designed to offer British Society of. Plant Breeders (BSPB) has out- more information in one place. The previous micro-lined plans for a new brand identity and website forsites that were offered to cover the various facets the organization. This, along with a new platformof the industry have been brought together to for making seed declarations, will improve thedemonstrate the strength and depth of the plant position of the BSPB with its members, farmers,breeding sector. This will help users find more and the wider agricultural community.information more quickly and enable farmers and BSPB has been working closely with Thegrowers to access a new payment portal.Department for Environment, Food and RuralFarm payments have been improved by a new Affairs (DEFRA) to stress the importance of sep- payment portal that is easier to access and easier arating gene editing from genetically modifiedto use. All declarations of farmed saved seed can BY: SAMANTHAorganism (GMO) legislation. It is hoped that thesebe made using the online portal, making it easier BROOKE efforts will be successful, offering BSPB the oppor- than ever to declare what farm saved seed has tunity to work with DEFRA to bring greater legalbeen used.certainty and clarity to plant breeders.To extend the new brand image, the BSPB BSPB continues to work closely with membersmember and farmer newsletters will also have a to support innovation and encourage development.new design. Plant Breeding Matters is a quarterly From supporting sugar beet breeders in streamlin- publication that informs the membership on indus-ing the National List process, to finding new waystry news and offers insight from BSPB staff and of protecting innovative traits, UK breeders areaffiliates. It will be joined by a new biannual news-developing. letter, Promoting Seed Innovation, which will help The unfolding impact of Brexit is only startingpromote the efforts of plant breeders and explain to be understood and BSPB is already adjusting tothe value of their work to farmers. BSPB is dedi-changes the deal has brought. BSPB is committedcated to protecting the intellectual property of its to supporting members through the Brexit tran- members. The new identity will help to relaunch sition and, if necessary, will lobby to make surean ongoing campaign to secure the royalties from changes in legislation do not restrict investmentfarmers that are vital to the industry.in UK plant breeding or the genetic diversity that it creates.THE B WORD2021 is already showing that we are reachingNot Boris but Brexit, although to some the two the light at the end of, what has felt like, a veryhave become synonymous over the last few years. long tunnel. Brexit, COVID-19, and the impact ofThe UK exited the European Union in January and climate change have dominated the somewhatthree years of discussions were drawn to a close. gloomy headlines for too long. 2021 has a moreHowever, it is just the beginning for the many optimistic outlook that we hope will settle the tur- industries that rely on pan-European trade. bulent times we have faced and offer an opportu- Following the UKs exit from the Europe Union, nity to focus on prosperity in the future.several challenges have arisen which are currently putting pressure on the continued success of the A FRESH LOOKUKs breeding industry and supply of seed.BSPB has chosen to breathe new life into the visualNew Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) identity of the organization. A refreshed logo andrequirements on seed coming from EU Member website was developed and launch in the summerStates or being exported into EU member states of 2021. The aim is to help members and farmersfrom the UK for experimental, trial, research and recognize the importance of plant breeding andbreeding purposes is adding cost and time. This to better educate the agricultural industry on howhas led to concern that the number of varieties 24IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'