b'Economical.TABLE OF CONTENTS OCTOBER 2021Ecological.europeanseedSustainable.FEATURESThe Continuing Range of Exciting Developments in Hybrid Wheat .06A New Seed Law for EuropeOr Then Again Not 12A Closer Look at the EU Seed Legislation Reform 16How the BSPB is Entering a New Era 24Corteva: Seed Companies & Food Sector Must Work Togetherfor the Future of Ag.30A Closer Look into the World of Biostimulants 32An Initiative Designed to Secure Europes Plant Breeding Innovation .40Innovations in Poa Pratensis Part 2.42 Breeders Trust Invests in Remote Sensing Techniques .4832 48On the path to a sustainable future.DEPARTMENTSA growing population, a changing climate, scarce resources: The global challenges are substantial.As an innovative plant breeder, we believe we have a key role to play in making a solution-orientedEditors Message .04contribution. With our Sustainability Ambition 2030, we have set clear targetsfor an agriculture thatColumn: The Risk Corner 20is fit for the future and at the same time profitable: www.kws.com/sustainability INSIDERSAdvice from Industry Experts .22#independentlikeyou Column: Sense, Nonsense and Science38Column: Since You Asked .52Global Seed Watch 54Industry News 56Extras.58www.kws.com 06 Giant Views: Unwanted Consequences Despite Good Intentions 60EUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 1'