b'stewardship take place, and allenabling a more realistic, customized, SEED COMPANIES AND FOODexchange of information involvingand efficient use of the technologies. seed production, laboratory leadersSince being closed to customers and all other seed professionals,in order to build solutions together SECTOR MUST WORK TOGETHERmake them all comfortable to makeis key to achieve CSATs goals, new decisions regarding process, teamfacilities are planned in the near involved, and investments needed.future to other geographies in our With this, we are ensuringregion.FOR THE FUTURE OF AGRICULTUREthat all essential knowledge isWe are waiting your visit for transferred to our customers to betrainings and service proving during CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE Globalin our call for science and outcome- The Center is equipped with high- incorporated to their experiences2022.External Affairs Director Ericbased policies instead of prescriptivetech seed treatment machines and Dereudre highlights the importance ofand ever more prescriptive directives. laboratories and counts with a team of innovation, transparency and sustaina- I also explained our approachexperts dedicated to support European bility across the entire food chainto Open Innovationwhich involvescountries in customizing services, Agriculture is at a crossroads. Withcollaborating with thought leaders andsharing best practices, and togetherSAT PORTFOLIOthe worlds population due to reachinnovators around the world to access,building sustainable and efficientseveral different crop genetics areSince the first moment Corteva Agriscience decided to enter the seed treatment almost 10 billion by 2050 and farmersdevelop and deploy the most innovativeagriculture for the future. also performed, making sure themarket we knew all the challenges and excitements of this journey. Four years have faced with the challenge of producingtechnologiesthe complexity ofCSATs mission is to support thegerminative and vigour potentialpassed, and we already have a beautiful history to share about bringing innovation more food with fewer resources amidthe multi-factor challenges the agseed research community around theof the seeds do not suffer along theand value to our key focus: The Farmers.a changing climate, bold actions aresector is facing, including sustainableworld, actively committed in designingstorage timing, due to seed treatment required to feed an ever-hungrier world. development, requires all forcesthe best solutions for seed appliedinterference.As we navigate the future ofto converge, to combine, throughtechnology and the best services forCSAT also conducts tests inEverything started with the seed treatment insecticides for rice (LUMIVIA), and Rape agriculture, we need to support growerscollaborative effort. treatment solutions. industrial scale in a pre-commercialSeed (LUMIPOSA). After few years in the market, these are today the main solutions by providing them with a toolbox ofDuring the discussion, anWe work supporting Cortevafacility, making sure that allagainst key devastating pests in these crops, a proven track of efficacy. Both products solutions that enable them to increaseinteresting question was asked aboutand their customers to guarantee aparameters fixed in laboratoryhave registrations in the main crop growing countries and have expansion planned in yield and food security while ensuringthe tensions between seed companiespredictable and positive user experienceconditions will be kept in industrialthe next couple of years for new countries and crops.sustainable farming practices that dontand the food sector. I had the chancewith seed treatment, all based inscale, signing off for cost the earth on which we all rely.to state that there should be no tensionaccurate tests and training sessions withcommercial application.More recently, we have launched LUMIFLEX, an innovative seed treatment fungicide We at Corteva Agriscience believebetween us: we are all part of theexperts.Trainings in all levelsfor corn, and LUMIDAPT brand of seed treatment growth nutrition solutions. There that sustainability and innovation gofood system and driven by the sameOur work process follows steps thatof seed treatmentare products that also have broader registration in several crops and countries hand in hand. Our world-class researchobjectiveto sustainably produce andempower our decision making, for theprocess are alsoin Europe. LUMIDAPT has being applied in over 10 million hectares of crops and development team designs, discoverssupply sufficient, diverse and healthymarketing and commercialization of allprovided by the and develops innovations that createfood for a growing population. new seed applied product or recipe. TheCSAT team.during this season 2021, a massive penetration that gave us the opportunity to value for farmers and deliver consumerFood companies and food retailersPASSER process stands for, Plantability,During theseprovide to farmers a great experience fighting the adverse conditions during crop benefits in a sustainable manner. are on the front line for consumersApplication, Seed Safety, Stewardship,trainings, deepestablishment. One such example is our strongand are crucial in helping to channelEfficacy and Regulatory and enablesdiscussions investment in Seed Applied Technologyconsumer-demand back through theCorteva CSAT reliability and innovations.regarding seedAnd our goal is to keep growing. This fall we are launching YMPACT, our first (SAT) solutions, which involvevalue chain. With that power alsoThese extensive studies initiatingtreatmentproduct for cereals market. YMPACT is also a growth nutrition seed treatment with treating the seed to help farmers getcomes the responsibility to work withwith compatibility tests, application,equipment, PPE,broader registration across Europe and proven performance record in more than their crops off to the best start andgrowers, agronomists and companieshandling and metering of seeds andprocedures,300.000 hectares of wheat and barley during its pre-launch season.achieve a successful harvest. Buildinglike Corteva to ensure that therecipes combinations, guaranteeregulatory and is currently underway at the firstmarketing promises they make arecustomers wont beLooking for more sustainable solutions, Corteva Agriscience is strongly investing in European Center of Seed Appliedcompatible with real farming practices,facing potentialour biological SAT platform, with intense support of our in-house co-developments, Technologies (CSAT) in Aussonne,available tools and technologies,issues with theAeNgDioRnEa Nl SEGeeRd AEIRpOpSlied RFrance, with strong scientificscientific arguments and developmentadherence,Technologies Lead but also with extensive partnership with the most reliable biological investment to support farmers intimelines. Co-creation across thewdust off andcompanies in the key markets. Were committed to protect the land, meeting the challenges of a changingvalue chain will be critical in our agflowability ofcrop yields, and the long-term success of the agriculture industry. We agricultural sector. sustainability journey. their seeds.know that soil health, water, and biodiversity are all interconnected The Center will enable moreRobustin delivering benefits for an affordable and abundant food supply. farmers in Europe to benefit fromCortevas Centerseed safetyBiodiversity is the basis of agriculture and our food systems; innovations in seed treatment ensuringtests with therefore, we are forming partnerships to expand habitat creation application dose accuracy, improvedfor Seed Appliedand to develop new technologies for land management.field performance and increasedTechnologies Eproductivity, as well as enhancingGRloICb aDl EERxEteUrDnaRl E And we will not stop there. With a tremendous pipeline of sustainability in line with our 2030Be curious is one of Cortevas coreAffairs Directorsolutions, Corteva Agriscience Seed Applied Technologies Sustainability Goals. values, and that is an innovative skill daily In recent discussions with present around the Center for Seed Appliedis committed to double the portfolio of products in the next stakeholders, the use of SAT wasTechnologies (CSAT), an integrated seed5 years, bringing diversity of products and services to serve under the spotlight as we highlightedsciences networking.all farmers and geographies across our region. There are its important play in the Precision-AgWith facilities placed in differentnew tools arriving to the European market every year, and toolbox. I also used my speechregions around the world, U.S., Canada,after strong years of partnership developments and R&D to highlight our commitment toBrazil, China, Philippines and India,investments, we are very proud to be able to bring all these transparency, explaining how itnow a new one is ready to be launchedprojects to life.is essential to build trust with thein Aussonne, France, on the first quarter consumers but also with policy-makersof 2022. 30IEUROPEAN SEEDIEUROPEAN-SEED.COM'