b'Ympact GROWTH NUTRITION SEED TREATMENTOvercoming your cereals initial growth challenges.Grow a healthy crop with secured yield with Ympact growth nutrition seed treatment.Ympact supports vigorous seedling development enhancing early growth. It also improves overwintering and limits the impact of climatic conditions on plant stress, thereby increasing yield and quality potential.Enhance root and shootOptimized abiotic stressFortified Winter development from earlytolerance, metabolism andhardiness and improved establishment and also tophysiological features willoverwinteringthe re-growth in spring forlead to uniform crop winter crops. establishment.Follow the label and reg. documents before applying plant protection products. Only buy authentic products from authorized sellers.Visit us at sat.corteva.comTM, , SM Trademarks and service marks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliated companies.2021 Corteva.YMPACT-Advertising (A4).indd 1 9/8/21 11:23'