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Volume 8 Issue 4 Cover

VOLUME 8 ISSUE 4 – Move Over Soybeans

As the European livestock sector looks to replace imported soybeans in animal feed, other high-protein crops are in the spotlight, including lupins. Indeed, because of its potential as a high-protein feed and food ingredient, lupin has never had more attention. The crop has a protein content of 35 to 45 per cent dry matter, generally more than peas or other legumes and with a yield comparable to peas. In addition, like other pulse crops, lupin fixes nitrogen when properly inoculated, helping boost yields in the crops that follow and improve soil as a ‘green manure’ cover crop.

In another article, we’re looking at dually-beneficial habitats. Flower strips are the most popular and visible measure implemented and intended to support biodiversity within fields. However, whether this or other measures recommended for use within arable field crops contribute to serving biodiversity and farming alike is a question that is rarely researched. Dive with us into which are the best measures.

The EU Green Deal and its Farm to Fork Strategy, aim that by 2030, 25 per cent of agricultural land is under organic farming, a whopping and seemingly impossible increase. Read this issue to find out how vegetable seed companies are dealing with this ambitious target.

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