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Volume 10 Issue 1 Cover

Volume 10 Issue 1 – You Are Myth Taken

“FAKE NEWS!” “That is misinformation!” These are often-used terms, but what is it exactly, where does it come from, and how to stop it? To get a better handle on the topic we have dedicated an entire issue of European Seed to fake news and myths. We dive deeper into the matter and put the spotlight on various aspects, such as myths in the seed sector, hybrids or GMOs. But also on biologicals, crop protection products, plant breeders’ rights and pollinators.

Reducing fake news will only work if we all work together — you, me, companies and policy makers. We all have a role to play. First to identify and remove fake news from the internet. And secondly, to make sure we think twice before putting something on the internet in the first place. The gravity of fake news is often myth-understood.

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